Practice Areas  -  BILLY J. ROBINSON, ESQ.

Corporate & Business Law
Mr. Robinson’s background uniquely qualifies him as a business attorney for service to business owners and companies of all sizes that require practical, cost-effective, business-oriented solutions.

     Areas of concentration include:

  • Business entity formation; partnerships, corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, professional associations, professional limited liability companies;
  • Contracts for business transactions; buying a business; selling a business; noncompete agreements; confidentiality agreements; license agreements;
  • Business succession and exit strategies; buy-sell agreements.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Mr. Robinson counsels individuals with issues that can be stressful; issues that relate to a person's mortality.  Consideration of these issues are many times delayed, or avoided altogether, because we just do not like to think about those sorts of things.  Your loved ones will appreciate you even more for having taken the time to address a few basic questions to ensure that they do not have to deal with unnecessary complications or undue stress in circumstances that can be difficult enough.

  • Without basic estate planning, do you know who will enjoy the fruits of your labors after you are gone?  Without a Will, you have no control over who inherits your property; the State of Texas will decide for you.
  • How do you specifically want to provide for your loved ones?  Do you have a current Will or a Living Trust (intervivos trust)?  Have you provided valid beneficiary designations on your bank accounts, life insurance policies and retirement accounts?
  • Have you taken steps to eliminate or minimize your estate taxes?  Without estate tax planning the IRS could end up with much of your accumulated wealth instead of your heirs.
  • If you become temporarily disabled have you made arrangements for someone to make medical decisions for you and handle your financial affairs until you recover?  Do you have a Medical Power of Attorney and a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney?
  • Is there anyone that you especially do NOT want handling your affairs?  Do you have a Designation of Guardian if the need arises?
  • If you contract a terminal illness or sustain a terminal injury do you want to be kept alive on life support indefinitely?  Do you have a Directive to Physicians (Living Will) that specifies your exact wishes in these circumstances?  If you have a terminal illness have your considered a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Order?
  • Do you wish to make anatomical gifts to prolong the life of another person or to advance science?  Have you signed an Anatomical Gift Donor's Card or registered online as a potential donor?
  • Have you created and made accessible a list of personal information that your representatives will need to efficiently manage your affairs/estate if and when the need arises?

These are but a few of the questions a person should consider before the need arises.

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